Product Delivery

Jon Kern, one of our chief architects is a well-known industry leader in agile software, architecture, and project delivery.

Do you have a vision for a product? We have a “Quick Start” mindset and can rapidly ingest the business landscape and goals surrounding a new product idea. Working with our folks or your folks or a combination, we can put together an approach to achieve the end goal. This includes establishing/understanding the business drivers instituting a workable process, a set of tools, information “radiators” for all stakeholders; architecting a solution, getting the development/QA teams functional, ensuring continuous integration, creating metrics/test harnesses as needed, and establishing production/deployment processes – and everything in between. Jon and his colleagues are known for “telling it like it is” and doing their utmost for the sake of the business while not forsaking the team. For companies new to product development, we help establish rigor and a visible march towards the goal.

Project Rescue

Unfortunately, some software projects don’t go according to plan. We can quickly ascertain the current state of affairs and provide a prognosis for recovering the project. Typically, after an initial “fact finding” tour, we can provide the business and the development team with an unbiased assessment. From there, we work with the client to put together a strategy to get the project back on course. Our clarity of focus on the desired goals help us to see innovative ways forward that the entrenched teams often do not think of due to their intimacy and proximity to the work.

Architecture/Product Design

This is one of Jon’s true passions – creating elegant, efficient, and effective innovative architectures to solve business problems. We are also very adept at reviewing product designs that are showing signs of weakness and making recommendations for improvement. We can help establish the product vision for the entire team by “translating” the underlying business needs in a pragmatic manner.

Agile Coaching

Frequently, Jon works with teams new to doing agile – or teams doing agile incorrectly! We will work with the team/organization to establish sound methodologies and practices that deliver business value in a very visible way. Since every culture is unique, there is no “one size fits all” methodology. There is no silver bullet, no magical process. Agile requires a thoughtful approach and continuous questioning to move to ever more effective techniques for the business.

Distributed Teams

One of the more challenging aspects of today’s software development landscape is the use of distributed teams. We have been doing this sort of development since 2000, and have honed a combination of skills, tools, and methodologies to make it work. Whether it is across the country, or across the world. Been there, done that. Successfully.