Wrap It

We have all been there… Faced with poorly-architected solutions, brittle code, challenging database schemas, inconsistent user experience — what can we do? All of this adds up to excessive and continual expenses, not to mention hogging disproportionate numbers of resources just to keep things hobbling along. When you have this sort of build-up of “Technical Debt,” there are ways to minimize the negative impact on your overall IT strategy.

When it comes to legacy apps, we have devised a proven strategy to “wrap” your legacy systems. We are able to map your legacy system so that we can transform your data into a better and more cost-effective solution. We force the “costly” bits of your legacy system to stay in a very small part of the solution. We build the “money-making” bits on top of a good design that is fresh and devoid of technical debt.

So now, instead of pouring good money after bad, you can spend good money on building good solutions, and “walling off” the more costly legacy apps. The good solution designs will more closely reflect the business you are today. This can serve as a stepping stone to legacy app replacement.

Wrapping your app(s) allows you to have the best of both worlds:

  • Maintain your legacy investment
  • Put a better “face” on your legacy app
  • Minimize the cost of your legacy app
  • Spend IT dollars to build modern solutions, add new features, and attract new customers
  • Prepare for potential replacement

The Good, the Tedious, and the Ugly

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