Protecting Your IT Investments

Synergy Components, Inc., has a strategy, toolset, and component approach to help you protect your legacy systems investment, and make even more out of what you have. Our approach can simultaneously improve your customer-facing image, reduce costs associated with maintaining your lines of business, improve efficiencies related to workflow, and provide a plug-n-play replacement platform.

We have developed an exciting portal application using proven technologies that allow insurers with older policy administration systems to develop a commercial lines web presence with their agent community as well as “wrapping and extending” the legacy environment. Our flexible solution enables an insurer to at once:

  • Energize your marketing with a modern Web 2.0 solution for your clients/agents
  • Lower the cost of sales through
    • Implementing underwriter referral rules
    • Add an efficient workflow component between Agent and Underwriter
  • Extend and protect the legacy environment in these challenging times
  • Provide a bridging strategy to cover the migration out from under an existing legacy system

Synergy can provide the tools and services to help leverage your existing assets in a very flexible work style. Once we have helped to “Future Proof” your systems, you can choose to migrate off of your legacy apps at a time of your choosing and in a cost effective, orderly manner.

Does this Sound Familiar?

Do any of the following apply to your organization’s Legacy Apps?

  • Poor user interface for internal/external users
  • Costly to maintain
  • Hard to upgrade
  • Vendor support is lacking
  • Difficult to add new business
  • Hard to consider moving forward
  • Vendor is not giving much love to the system
  • You need to do something to move forward, but feel paralyzed
  • Please, tell us about any “symptoms” we may have missed

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Legacy Apps

If we could be with you in person, we’d see what your up against, discuss our approach, then take you on a 15-minute tour of our application in action.