The cost reductions will come in the form of reduced costs for upgrading, maintenance. Savings will come from consistency. The increases will come in the form of more clients & excited employees due to better/consistent UI. Increases will come in the form of improved workflow efficiencies. Also, the ability to stand up new LOBs in less time is a benefit. Also will show how replacing the legacy app will be easier.

What It Costs

Do you know how much your legacy apps cost you?

  • Lack of consistent UI across business apps, image is not as professional as it could be
  • Lack of modern UI loses clients
  • Lack of modern UI/system loses internal employees/recruiting
  • Care and feeding to keep it running
  • Upgrading or extending lines of business
  • Replacing the legacy apps will be painful

You don’t have to continue to throw good money after bad.

You don’t have to feel that vendors are holding you “hostage.”

You do have a way out, a way to increase your IT expenditure effectiveness.

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